Welcome to Part 1: Passion & Purpose


This part consists of 8 short videos and a workbook. I would suggest printing off the workbook first as I refer to things within it from the start of the first video.

If you’re sick of struggling to know what your passion and purpose is, or you just don’t want to be stuck anymore – not able to get started with anything, then I’ve got you covered!

I’m about to take you through my own special method for identifying your passion and purpose – using my jigsaw puzzle analogy (which you can see in the course overview below).

If you complete all of the stages and still feel stuck then watch video 7 and the bonus video as there are things we can do right now to get you moving forwards 🙂

So let’s begin…


Page 1 in your workbook

*Tips to help you get the most from the course

*My special method (the jigsaw puzzle analogy) – this can be seen in the image below.


Starting with the Corners

Pages 2-5 in your workbook

Let’s start with the easiest pieces of the puzzle first – your current passions. Simply answer the questions which will get you thinking and will pull out things you had forgotten about!


Building the Edges

Pages 6-10 in your workbook

In this step we add the outlines to our jigsaw so we have a solid foundation to build on. We will keep looking at the present – your skills and strengths and complete a fun challenge too!


Building the Bigger Picture

Pages 11-14 in your workbook

This takes a little bit of imagination – like when you start to build in from the edges of the jigsaw and you have to imagine the finished picture.

We will look at your future hopes and dreams.This step is all about dreaming big and having fun.


The Picture Becomes Clearer

Pages 15-16 in your workbook

So in this stage we are going to gather the final pieces of the puzzle that we need before we start to put everything together and make those important connections.


Placing the Final Pieces

Pages 17-24 in your workbook

Here we put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and look for themes and patterns. You will start to see which kind of business would be the perfect fit for you and how this can align with your passions and hopes for the future.


What to do if You’re Stuck

Pages 25-26 in your workbook

So what do you do if you’ve done all of the work so far in part 1 of this course, but you still feel stuck. You still don’t feel like you’ve found your passion or purpose.


My Favourite Kind Of Business

I wanted to create a special bonus video to talk about the kind of businesses I am most passionate about.

Hopefully this will give you some more ideas and inspiration while you’re considering which kind of business you want and how this could fit into your life.


Your Passion & Purpose Workbook

I’ve created this workbook to take you through each of the five stages in finding your passion: your present, future, past, and putting all of the pieces together.

Download and print this workbook (feel free to print in black and white to save ink) or use the fillable workbook where you can type straight into it (note: download and save it first before you use it).

You’ll find it works best to write out your answers to each section as the act of writing brings more ideas and inspiration (it’s also quite therapeutic too!)