Welcome to Part 2: Potential


Part 2 of the course is all about your potential. The awesomeness that you have to share with the world, but also the potential you have to make money doing something you love!

First we are going to get the numbers out of the way. I’ve kept it super simple – just two easy sums. 

If you’re going to plan how to make money from the passion and purpose you’ve identified then we need to know how much money that is!

Then we’re going to look at HOW you can hit your revenue goal – so what your business will look like and how you could earn money.

Finally we will pull everything together so that you can create your roadmap for your next steps!

Calculating your Number

Page 2 in your workbook

*Calculate how much you need to pay yourself and your revenue goal

*How to manage your business money so you never have to worry about taxes, profit, expenses or paying yourself!


Business Models

Page 4 in your workbook

We look at examples of different types of business models so that you can start to see how you could make money from the passion & purpose you have discovered in Part 1.


Revenue Streams

Page 5 in your workbook

We look at different ways to make money in your business and how these could fit with the business models we looked at in video 2.


Creating your Roadmap

Pages 6-10 in your workbook

This is where you break it down and make a plan.

We look at how you can get started on your business journey without overwhelm and the first steps you will need to take.


Your Fears

Page 11 in your workbook

In this video we look at the fears that might hold you back – these might have been in your head as you’ve worked through this part of the course – and what you can do to overcome them.


Your Potential

Page 12 in your workbook

The final video of this course: We look at what you’ve achieved, all of the work that you’ve done and recognise just how much potential you have personally (that needs to be shared with the world) but also the potential you now have to make money doing something you love!


Your Passion & Purpose Workbook

I’ve created this workbook to help you work through the information in each of the videos.

Download and print this workbook (feel free to print in black and white to save ink) or use the fillable workbook where you can type straight into it (note: download and save it first before you use it).

You’ll find it works best to write out your answers to each section as the act of writing brings more ideas and inspiration (it’s also quite therapeutic too!)